The facts we all should know

FACT #25

Did you know changes to alcohol habits during covid will lead to thousands more deaths?

Recent studies conducted in England suggest changes in alcohol consumption during the pandemic are likely to lead to thousands of additional cases, premature deaths and hospital admissions for conditions such as liver cirrhosis, colon and rectum cancer, liver cancer and oesophageal cancer, with the largest increases in harm expected in the most disadvantaged communities.

Show me the science

Rose, TC, Pennington, A, Kypridemos, C, Chen, T, Subhani, M, Hanefeld, J, et al. Analysis of the burden and economic impact of digestive diseases and investigation of research gaps and priorities in the field of digestive health in the European Region—White Book 2: executive summary. United European Gastroenterol J. 2022; 10( 7): 659– 64.

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