The 9th Awareness Week on Alcohol related Harm
was held from 15th to 19th November 2021.

This year’s theme was: A Safer Europe

In 2021, we collaborated with WHO European Region to showcase the SAFER initiative, which was launched in 2018 with the aim of preventing and reducing alcohol-related harm and deaths.

SAFER stands for the 5 most cost-efficient interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm:

Strengthen restrictions on alcohol availability
Advance and enforce drink driving countermeasures
Facilitate access to screening, brief interventions, and treatment
Enforce bans or comprehensive restrictions on alcohol advertising, sponsorship, and promotion
Raise prices on alcohol through excise taxes and pricing policies


You can find more information about the SAFER initiative:

During AWARH 2021, we focused on two specific SAFER interventions: the restrictions or bans of alcohol marketing, sponsorship and promotion; and the use of taxation and pricing policies as a way of reducing alcohol-related harm to society.

As we have done each year since 2013, we encourage you to organise events at national and local level at which you are welcome to use the AWARH materials and infographics. If you would like us to highlight the work that you re carrying out please do not hesitate to email

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What can you do?

Join us today and support AWARH 2021

  • Send a letter to your national policymakers asking them to commit to do more against alcohol-related harm in their country and in Europe
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