AWARH – Awareness Week on Alcohol related Harm

The Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm (AWARH) was initiated in 2013 by a group of like-minded organisations following three Roundtable meetings on an integrated approach to alcohol-related harm.

AWARH 2015 is held from 16th to 20th November 2015.

During the roundtable meetings, the organisations agreed that an EU-level awareness raising campaign should be established to provide information on the detrimental effects associated with alcohol consumption. The first AWARH was held on the week of 13th May 2013 under the Month of the Brain. Many policymakers and healthcare organisations joined to the Awareness Week on Alcohol-Related Harm (AWARH) to highlight the negative effects of alcohol and call for greater policy action to address the problems it can cause, through improvements in:

Prevention • Education • Screening • Treatment and adequate services

The ultimate aim is to highlight the need to tackle the significant barriers to a comprehensive and cost-effective policy intervention. Find out what healthcare partners and policy-makers think about policy needs on the AWARH'15 Youtube Channel

Join us today and support AWARH 2015:

  • Send a letter to your national policymakers asking them to commit to do more against alcohol-related harm in their country and in Europe.
  • Organise a national event on the week of 16th November and apply for endorsement by emailing the Awareness Week
  • Tweet your support for the AWARH 2015 and tell us why tackling alcohol-related harm is important to you by using the hashtag: #AWARH15
  • Share with your friends the AWARH'15 partners and policy-makers interviews about alcohol-related harm
  • Register to attend the meetings in Brussels and sign-up to the regular AWARH’15 updates here.
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